About Us

History of Concept Construction

Concept Construction was formed in Vancouver, WA in 1977, and the name 
was based upon “We have an idea, a dream, a concept!” The company was named 
Concept Construction, and has remained so throughout the years.

The company was founded by Chuck Emrick, a high school teacher, 
University of Oregon grad with a Masters from Portland State University, 
who had supplemented his income throughout 20 years of 
teaching by building and remodeling houses on the side.

He met Sandy in that year, a newly divorced mother of 2, who had always 
been fascinated by housing, and they formed Concept Construction as a 
new custom home builder.  Sandy’s degree in mathematics from PSU 
has been a great help to her and the company in development of the business 
through the years, and she has learned to be a contractor from the bottom up, 
serving as the face of Concept Construction from that time until now.

In 1979, Chuck and Sandy married and moved to Gresham, Oregon, continuing 
to design and build custom homes on a pre-sold bases.  In 1980, they were joined 
by Sandy’s brother, Dick Schleich, who after graduating with a business degree 
from Oregon State University, became a Multnomah County Deputy Sheriff 
for 13 years.  When Dick joined the company, Concept incorporated and 
became Concept Construction, Inc.

As the high-interest rate 1980’s rolled on, business increased slowly, with 
Chuck and Sandy designing most of the houses, and Dick and Chuck doing 
much of the hands-on work of construction.  Sandy handled sales, finances 
and the contracting and scheduling on a day-to-day basis.

In 1988, Sandy’s daughter, Jennifer, joined the company, soon displaying a talent 
for design, and she was soon designing all of the homes built by Concept.  She is 
still working for Concept on an on-call basis, occasionally designing remodels or additions.

In 1996, Dick’s son, James Schleich, came to work full-time for Concept Construction 
on the siding crew, after working for many of Concept’s sub-contractor while in school.
  James’ role has grown steadily over the years, and he is now an officer in the corporation,
 and a partner.  James now oversees and participates in all of the field work of the
company, as well as doing some of the bidding of jobs.

Concept continued to be predominately a new custom-home builder through 
2008, but because the market was changing so dramatically, Concept had to 
change as well.  Since that time, the company has become strictly a remodeling 
company, doing additions, renovations, window and door replacement, siding 
replacement, decking, etc.  This transformation has allowed the company to 
survive the recession, and business is increasing as the country winds its 
way to an improved economy.

As time has passed, the leadership of the company has changed as well. 
Chuck Emrick retired in May, 2009, because of increasing problems with 
diabetes-related issues.  That same year, in December, Dick Schleich suffered a 
stroke, which has slowed down his participation in the day-to-day activities of 
the company.  Both, however, continue as officers and owners, and are 
available for their valuable advice backed up by 30 plus years 
of experience in building.

Today, the face of the company is still Sandy Emrick, working with clients 
to confirm remodel contracts, designing many of the remodels herself, handling 
the finances, and working with the wonderful suppliers and subcontractors 
that make Concept’s work so appealing to customers.  James Schleich oversees 
all of the work in the field, runs his own crew that specialize in demolition, framing, 
trimming, etc. on every job, and works with many of the clients directly in 
securing contracts.

The office on the main street of Troutdale is efficiently run by Tracey,
 who worked for Concept for many years, left for 2 years, and has returned permanently.
  The cheerful voice that callers hear on the phone is Tracey’s, who not only takes care of all
 billing and payments, but also is Concept’s resident computer guru.  She is the architect of 
the wonderful web site for the company as well (which is constantly being worked on).  And 
when Sandy messes up her computer (frequently), it is Tracey to the rescue.

Chuck, Dick and Jennifer continue their interest in and support for the company.

Concept Construction plans to continue its operation into the foreseeable future, and 
looks forward to many more long and successful years in the building and contracting
 business.  As the market continues to improve and banks increase their lending to home
 buyers, the company hopes to get back into the home-building business as well, 
along with remodeling and renovations.

Concept is, and always has been, a family business.  Besides the Emricks, Schleichs and
 Jennifer, Tracey and the crew currently consisting of Nick and Mike, are an
 extended family.  This extended family also includes our long-time trusted subcontractors
 and suppliers, all of whom love and respect one another, and have intense loyalty to each
 other that allows for great work to be done.  Without the support of all of these people,
 Concept would be just another contractor.  Instead, Concept Construction has built a 
long-time reputation for honesty, integrity, skill and dedication to 
delivering the best possible products to our clients.     

Chuck and Sandy Emrick

Dick Schleich

Our Superintendent, James (with his daughter and son)

Jennifer, Our In House Designer

Tracey, Our Office Manager